Get alerted the minute your website is hacked.


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Get protected by installing one of our plugins or a JavaScript snippet.


We automatically monitor every page to ensure your customers are safe.


Get notified by email, slack or text message when your site is hacked


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my site likely to get hacked?

Almost every transactional website eventually gets attacked, especially if you're using a popular website software such as Magento or Wordpress as hackers automate attacks which capitilize on the latest security flaws or brute-force admin passwords.

What's a form skimmer?

A hacker adds a malicious script to the page which steals all of your customer's personal information and credit cards as they enter them on your site.

How does Threat Detect protect me?

We monitor every request the customer's browser makes and alert you if your website starts sending their personal data elsewhere.

How do I install Threat Detect?

We have plugins available for Magento and Wordpress to make it easy to get setup. Alternatively, the quickest way to get up and running is with our JavaScript snippet.

Get notified when we launch

Coming late 2018.